1. Submit Your Listing

Click on ‘Add Your Listing’ and then choose ‘Submit Listing’.

Submit Listing Pic 1

Choose the package that best suits you. To help you decide on a package we have listed the features for you and there is an example for each package. To view the example of a package please click on the button as per the below picture.


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When you have decided on a package click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button relevant to your choice of package. This can be found at the bottom of each of the listings features.

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Free Package:
This will take you to the account creation page. Please complete the details to create your account. This allows you to be able to go in and edit your listing details at a later stage and will also add you to our Listers Newsletter which we will use to update you.

Gold / Platinum Package:
You will be taken to your cart where you can amend quantities and / or enter coupons. When you are happy with your order, please proceed to checkout.

The next page will create you an account and process your billing details.

All Packages:
Once the above sections are complete you can continue to the Listings Dashboard and proceed with listing your establishment.

When you have entered in all the details and you are happy with the preview, please submit your listing. Our team will review the listing, any changes we feel may be required to enhance the listing we will contact you regarding them. Once payment has been received (for Gold and Platinum packages only) we will publish your listing. You will receive a confirmation email when it is published which will contain a link to your live listing.

For any further help please refer to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section in the footer of our website.

Many thanks for listing with South Africa is.

2. Get the Most from your Listing

To ensure that you get the most from your listing, please ensure that you incorporate only true details relating to your establishment.

We also recommend that you choose ALL the categories applicable to your establishment rather than just choose one. This will allow your listing to appear in more search results.

We advise you to review how the ‘Activities’ and ‘Facilities’ filters work as choosing the correct options here will again ensure that your listing appears in more search results. Full details on how these work can be found in the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section.
NB. Free Listings will ‘hold’ this information for filter purposes but these fields will not be displayed on your live listing.