sa-is-about-us-headerLife gave us a choice:

To give up all security we have known – a secure job with a regular income – for the thrill of living and fulfilling our dream.


Play it safe and stay on the predictable course that we have been following.

Well …we chose to give it up and pursue our dream.

Travel has always been in our blood and we are both passionate about discovering unique places, meeting people, exploring new environments and seeing all that this world has to offer.  We have travelled extensively both in and outside of South Africa but having been born here, this is where our hearts belong.

sa-is-about-us-photo1We have always been eager to explore South Africa and the more we see of it, the more determined we are to see.  It is one of the most incredible and diverse countries in the world – we have it all! From arid deserts to lush forests, white sandy beaches to majestic mountains not to mention the great expanse of wild reserves – what a rich playground we are privileged and fortunate to live in.

So we embarked upon a journey to create this website that would help promote all South Africa has to offer. Our goal is to inspire everyone to Travel, Explore, Discover this beautiful and amazing country of ours.

We hope that our beautiful pictures, interesting stories and informative reviews will encourage you to get out there and see what this wonderful land has waiting for you.

Wishing you happy travels and amazing adventures,

Chris & Pippa